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Choose the best exam preparation! Sincs 1994, Capita Selecta helps students at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen to prepare for their exams successfully. We do this by offering the best and most optimal examtraining. More information about our courses can be found in the left menu. In case you want to sign up immediately, please go directly to the registration form.



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De cursussen van Capita Selecta worden gegeven in een rustige en vertrouwde leeromgeving.

Slagingspercentage > 75%

Het slagingspercentage na het volgen van een Capita cursus ligt gemiddeld boven de 75%!

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Wil je weten hoe het er in een cursus aan toe gaat? Bekijk hier een korte impressie van een cursus bij Capita Selecta. 

64.000 cursisten

Sinds onze oprichting in 1994 hebben wij al meer dan 64.000 cursisten mogen helpen hun tentamen te halen.

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Labour Law 

Thom (Law EUR):

By Following a Capita-course I managed to fit all the pieces of exam literature together in the last week before the exam. 

Introduction to economics

Helen (IRIO RuG):

While studying in the Netherlands, I try to make to most of my time here. Capita-courses help me to save time for extracurricular activities. 

Maths & Statistics 1

Ilona (Economics & Business Administration UvA):

Already in Middle School I encountered problems with statistics, so I was nervous to follow it at University level. Thanks to Capita Selecta I now have a much better understanding of it. 

Property- and Contract Law

Soraya (Law VU):

Property Law was the only Bachelor Course which was really difficult for me. I can recommend this Capita-course to every student that follows Property Law. 

Corporate Finance

Rembrandt (Business Administration RUN):

Corporate Finance was a course which caused me problems for quite a while. By following a Capita-course I finally earned a much desired 6!