Costs Groningen University

The costs of a Capita-course vary per course and are always mentioned on the website when you sign up. The following prices are most common:

A Capita course of nine hours costs €89,95, a course of twelve hours costs €119,95 ,and a course of fifteen hours costs €149,95. Because the classes usually consist out of 3-hour lessons, courses usually consist out of 3, 4 or 5 lessons. Exceptions to costs and lessons are possible. When an exception is made, this will always be visible on the website next to the courses. Additionally, there are also some courses that consist of only one class of three hours. These courses are for example organized in preparation for a smaller midterm exam, and cost €29,95. As you can see, at Capita you generally pay less than €10,- per hour!


Payment methods

When registering for a Capita-course, you can always choose between two methods of payment: by invoice or by direct debit. If you choose to receive an invoice, you can also ask us to send the invoice to someone else, for example to your parents or to a company. If the option 'invoice' is selected a €3,95 administration fee will be added. Courses are always billed at the end of the course.


In some cases it is possible to use a discount, such as when you missed a lesson due to a study related reason in a previous course. Should such a case arise, you can request a discount code via our customer service. You can use this discount code when you register for a next course at Capita Selecta.

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