Free resit-arrangement 2018-2019!

Capita Selecta offers you a free course for the resit in case you do not pass your exam after the first coure. An extra benefit for you! The following terms and conditions apply to this offer:

If you followed a tutoring course at Capita Selecta for a first-chance exam (regular course, Capita Crash Courses or Progress Tests are not included) for this study and despite attending the course, you have not passed the exam, you can enroll for the resit course for free. Below are the conditions you must meet to be eligible for the passing guarantee. Only if you meet the conditions, you can subscribe in the manner explained below.

Note: if you do not meet the conditions below, or if you fail to follow the subscribing-procedure, then the passing guarantee does not apply and the full course will be billed.


  1. Do you meet the following conditions? Then the we are happy to offer you a free resit course:
  2. You have participated in, and paid (the full amount after reduction of used discount codes) for, the Capita-course for the first chance of the exam. Capita Crash Courses are excluded from the rule. Did you receive a compensation after completion of the course (for example because you missed a lesson)? Then you can no longer make use of the free resit arrangement. 
  3. You have not missed any lessons in this Capita-course. After missing one or more lessons you can no longer make use of the free resit arrangement. 
  4. You completed and saved the (digital) evaluation form for the course you participated in.
  5. The free resit course that you can use is the course for the first resit following the exam you have not passed. If you followed a course for a mid-term you can choose to follow either the final exam or the resit exam (in case there is a price difference you have to pay the extra amount for the final exam or the resit).
  6. If there are multiple resits in one academic year, then the free resit arrangement only applies to the first resit opportunity and that opportunity only. You can only use the free resit arrangement once.
  7. Your free course for the resit is not interchangeable for a different course / different subject.
  8. Please note that you are responsible for contacting us in time to sign up for the resit course (via If you wait too long and our course is fully booked, you cannot participate in the resit course anymore.
  9. Capita Selecta reserves the right to cancel a course or a course group. If this happens to a course for which you are using your free resit arrangement, you are unfortunately not entitled to a refund of the previous payment, or any part thereof. However, you can contact us so we can figure out if it is possible to participate for free at a next opportunity.
  10. Finally, we expect you to actively contribute to the resit course and attend all classes (even though your course is for free). Do you miss a class from the resit course? Then we will charge you for 50% of the resit course.

How to apply for a free resit?

If you meet the requirements above, then you can sign up for the course in the following way:
NOTE: our customer service wil subscribe you for the resit course. So you do NOT have to sign up yourself for the course/group.
1. Mail to and mention Free Resit Arrangement in the subject of your email.
List the following information in your email:

  • Name;
  • University;
  • Study program;
  • Course name;
  • Period and academic year in which you followed the Capita-course (note: no Crash Course or Progress Test) for this course;
  • Number of the group of the resit course for which you would like to sign up.

Mention and confirm all points below:

  • You have follow a Capita-course for the previous exam from this course and did not pas the exam (also mention your course grade);
  • You attended all classes from the Capita-course;
  • You filled in the digital evaluation form after your course (link via email or text message);
  • You would like to subscribe for the resit course and therefore you apply for the free resit arrangement;
  • You agree to attend all classes of the resit course. Note: we will charge you 50% of the course price in case you miss any classes.

Our customer service will check whether you indeed meet all terms and conditions. Please double-check de conditions mentioned above. Do you meet all conditions? Then you will receive a confirmation via email of your registration for the resit course and group number.

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